Doula Services

Childbirth is such a sacred rite of passage for women and their families. The joy of bringing a precious baby into this world can often be plagued with fears and uncertainty. The role of a Doula is to help alleviate these fears and support a woman and her partner throughout her pregnancy and labour, wherever, however she chooses to give birth.



I like to meet my clients around the half way mark of the client’s pregnancy so we have plenty of time to build a relationship and I can get to understand their hopes and dreams for the birth. The first meeting is just a meet and greet with no obligations, it is important for the mother to feel comfortable with their chosen doula so I always suggest that they meet with 2 or 3 doulas to be sure of their decision.

waterbabyWe will have a minimum of three meetings during the pregnancy to get to know each other, to establish a birth plan and will cover a variety of subjects relating to your birth. My role is not to tell you what to do but to provide information so you can make an informed decision. We will work through any fears or concerns that may be bothering you and find solutions that will help you to feel ready and confident to birth your baby. I am then on call to you three weeks before your EDD until the baby is born. I will stay with you throughout your entire labour and birth if you so wish. I can then help with establishing breastfeeding.

I am available by phone, text or email anytime and as often needed and my support is continued on when mum and bub go home if needed. I feel it is extremely important that the partner feels supported and confident in being able to support his loved one and has a clear understanding of the birth process. After the birth, we will have two postnatal visits to debrief the birth and help with any settling in at home.


 BONUS EXTRAS – Birth Pool & Placenta Encapsulation  

As my Doula client you can choose to take advantage of also using one of my birth pool’s and have your Placenta Encapsulation.


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